Tiny Timmy’s Video

Wow!  Did Timmy have energy.  We had to work fast to capture Timmy’s wonderful personality during his family portrait session as he was determined to be in many places at once.  Many of these places were behind our photographer and not in front.  Timmy was very observant of everything going on around him and was quick to comment on all the action.  Now being a child photographer lets you see many interesting sides to children and many things that capture their attention.  For Timmy he was fascinated by rubbish bins…yes rubbish bins.  This came about, his Mum and Dad explained, because of his dairy allergy which saw them place emphasis on bad food going into the bin and thus a rubbish bin became his friend.  So when he spotted our green ‘bin’ which is used as a stool usually it had to become apart of our studio session.  The results are really quite cute.  It was also a great chance for Timmy’s parent to have an updated couple photo as well which we encourage all parents/couples to do.  We hope you enjoy the video of little Timmy and his family and we look forward to showing them the rest of the family portraits shortly.

[youtube us23gghS3Kc]