The Mardania Family Photos

And this is only half the family!  The boys standing at the back also have 3 sisters back home in India , and that’s exactly where these photos will be going.  It’s been a week for Big family group photos in the studio, and just like the group of 7 cousins that I had this morning, these little guys were so easy to work with (weeeell, mostly, but we got there in the end 😉

I hope that your family overseas enjoy looking at these previews and we will see you in a few days for your ordering session.



  1. Jiten Mardania says:

    The Bollywood stars of Austrailia are back. You guys look fantastic and the kids look so happy.

  2. D K HIRANI says:

    u all look grt. mum is so happy to c u all guys. WOW

  3. Ramesh Jagatia says:

    I am so happy to see you all together. Dressed up and all looking smart. My best wishes to you all for years to come.

  4. Jeshma Murrain says:

    Ahhh… you all look happy and really well. Australia is certainly suiting you. Great pictures

  5. Minal Jagatia says:

    Wow these photos are great – you all look lovely – the kids especially are adorable, theyve grown so much since the last time i saw them 🙂

    Miss you all xxx