Tara & Leon’s Wedding Photography

Perfect day, perfect couple, perfect house to photograph getting ready in, perfect…well, everything!!  Tara & Leon’s wedding had Craig & I stumbling over ourselves in excitement at all the photo opportunities presented to us.  From the moment we arrived at Tara’s bridesmaids home in Mosman Park, which was a stunning 1930’s Art Deco Heritage home, we simply kept the shutter button pressed.  Tara was one of the most stunning brides I have ever seen and her bridesmaids were so much fun laughing the whole day.  Leon and his groomsmen were a very cool, casual group that made it very easy for us to photograph as well.  Their wedding at Caversham house went smoothly followed by photographs on the groups and then off to Sandalford Winery for more photos and the reception.  Guys thank you for the opportunity to shoot your wedding day as we are already planning a new display album with your images!





  1. Big thanks to Craig and Michelle. You guys are awesome and you captured such beautiful moments on our wedding day. We hardly even realised you were there. It was great to share it with you, thanks for making it so easy.