So you’ve had your portraits taken, now what?

Ok, so you have made the portrait session, you have come and had the portraits taken…Now What? Well the next step in the process is to come in a place your order. We do this at your ordering session which is normally scheduled at the conclusion of your sitting. We live in Busy times, so to help out, we even send out a reminder letter prior and will confirm your Ordering Session a few days beforehand.

When you arrive for your Ordering Session our friendly staff (ahem, ususally me ๐Ÿ™‚ will offer you Tea or Coffee and then we will move to the theatre room to present your images as a slideshow on our big screen.

After this, we will go through the images a few at a time, allowing you to pick out your favorites. We will also have several sample composite ideas to show you. You can select these or make changes to suit your favorite images.

To ensure a smooth session, we suggest the following:

1) In the week or so, following your portrait session, have look around your house to see where your new portraits might look good.

2) Ensure that everyone who needs to be involved in the purchasing decision, is present at the Ordering Session. If you need to rebook the time to ensure that you both can come, then please let us know. Additional Ordering Sessions do attract a $75 fee.

3) In order to ensure a relaxing time, and because ordering sessions are not the most interesting thing in the world for young children, we suggest that you have them baby sat if possible, but we understand it is not always possible and have a playroom with all sorts of activities to entertain young children.

4) Relax, sit back and enjoy, and let us guide you to ensure you get the most from your portraits ๐Ÿ™‚