So, your a GOODchild are you?

Introducing Charlie…

As a matter of fact yes, he was and not just because that is his last name!  Beautiful little Charlie peacefully slept for the part of his family photo shoot. Taking some lovely intimate family photos with very proud parents,  Charlie was so happy sleeping that he didn’t even flinch when we moved him form set to set.

Then when he did wake up he happily kicked about in a satin sheet and let us capture some beautiful baby photos of him and his big beaming eyes. Enjoy these previews and, see you at the ordering session.




  1. Hi guys,
    just wanted to point you at Charlies blog ( which has a couple of mentions and links to your site and blog.

    you were going to pop up a couple more photos?

    Charlie’s Dad

  2. craigste says:

    sorry, I will try to add some tomorrow, we were out of office mon & tues doing a first aid course. Thanks for the link backs, had a look at the blog the other day actually, looks great. Very cute. Oh, your canvas went to the Lab today. It’s going to look AWESOME. Can’t wait

    Cheers Craig

  3. Hi Craig,
    thanks for the extras, and we are looking forward to getting the prints and canvas. Charlies’ Kiwi Grandparents are coming over in September and have been checking out the blog.

    is there any mechanism in which we can show my parents the thumbnails of our selected photos? a fax wouldnt do them justice… i am fairly sure they (and other family members) may want to order prints…


  4. craigste says:

    No worries, I will email a PDF of your favs tomorrow.

  5. drew.goodchild says:

    Hi Craig,
    One thing we forgot to ask you was about the “birth announcement/thank you cards” and whether we qualify for free cards. can you let me know if we do, and we’ll think of our numbers etc that we need to get…


  6. Hi Craig,
    On your website, you mention the specials on thank you cards, with particular spends. we are keen on looking at what deals we can get, can you please email me with the deal based on our spend?
    looking forward to seeing the canvas!