Pretty in Pink, Please Peruse Piper’s Pack of Pretty Pictures!

Ok, so I like alliteration! Wee little Piper here was intensley curious about _something_ on the ceiling when we did her baby photos a few days ago. None of us could figure out what it was though. It was wonderful to meet you Piper! You may not know this yet, but I was your Mummy and Daddy’s wedding photographer back in January 07 ( scoll down guys for a trip down memory lane) waaaay before you were born.

It is  great, being a wedding photographer, when a few years later you get to catch up with your clients again and photograph another huge event in their lives, their first family photos!   I hope you enjoy these previews guys and I will see you in September for the viewing, in the mean time pass around blog address to your friends and family and share your family portraits with everyone!