Tips for a successful shoot



  1. When is the best time to have my baby photographed?

There is no easy answer to this.  Each stage of a child’s development has unique elements.  Some keys ‘stages’ we would suggest are:

    1. Newborn (prior to 4 weeks old) – to capture those beautiful curled up fingers and toes
    2. 4-6 months – pushing up, sitting and lots of smiles and giggles
    3. 6-12 months – cheeky, active and ever so cute with their personality shining through


So our advice on this – anytime is a good time!!  We would suggest in fact in the first year you might like to consider two or three separate shoots to capture each of these stages at a time when they are changing so rapidly.


  1. What should we wear?

We would always suggest with adults that you wear solid colours to avoid clashing patterns (nothing worse than Mum in purple and yellow polka dots and Dad in green and red stripes!).  Stand together in the mirror before you leave and check that your compliment each other.  Babies and children can get away with wearing just about anything.  We suggest you bring a couple of changes of outfits with you.  Always be prepared for those little accidents that come with having a child.


  1. What should we bring?

If your child/ren has a favourite toy bring it along.  If you have a heirloom item that you would love to have included bring it along.  Also bring some favourite snacks for toddlers or children – bribery is often the best way to get children to cooperate.


  1. How much does it cost?

This is a question difficult to answer without first knowing what it is you are wanting.  Some people have a wall they are wanting to decorate with family art, others want a keepsake such as our portfolio boxes or coffee table books.  We will talk you through the options when you call to make your appointment, show you examples of the products we have available during your shoot and provide you with guidance at your purchasing session.  You may also like to look at our ‘Products’ section to see what is available.


  1. Is location or studio better?

This depends on what type of photographs you are after.  We would usually suggest for large family groups (ie when you have multiple families in the one shoot) that location is better.  This enables us the space and flexibility to ‘layer’ large groups on logs or rocks and makes for a fun location for kids to play while the smaller groups are photographed.  Studio is great for immediate family groups, especially if there are very young children.  The ability to control the environment and lighting in the studio enables us to concentrate on keeping the baby happy for the photographs.  Having said that it comes down to what you would prefer.


  1. What time of day is best?

This depends on whether it is location or studio.  Location shoots usually happen earlier in the morning (especially in summer time when the sun is up early) or later in the afternoon.  This ensures we get the best lighting conditions possible.  With studio shooting it often depends on the sleep patterns of your children.  Newborns are able to cope with any time of day as it’s all new to them anyway.  As a parent you will know when your toddler has his/her ‘meltdown’ times and need their rest.  Think about when this is when making your booking.


  1. When should I have pregnancy photos?

We would suggest anywhere from 32 weeks on is good for pregnancy photographs.  Preferrably the 36 week mark is good.  Book in early to ensure we fit you in to a time that suits you


  1. How much time should I allow?

This often depends on the size of the family group and how many different combinations we will do.  As a general rule a ‘normal’ shoot (if there is such a thing) would take about one hour.  However if you need to stop to give the baby a feed or a toddler needs a ‘play break’ then we have allowed time for this and the shoot may go for two hours.  We are all friendly here though so you can sit back, have a coffee and a chat and we can find out what your family is all about so we can ensure the photos we take reflect who you are.  We don’t run a photo factory so we won’t push you out the door in 20 minutes to rush the next person through!

  1. Do you do make-up and hair or how much should I wear?

We can organise a professional hair and make-up artist for you if you would like.  Simply let us know when making your booking that you would like this done.  There is an additional fee associated with this.  If you are doing your own hair and makeup we suggest you keep it natural.  Our style is more about relaxed family photos than stiff formal photos and therefore the way you look should reflect this.


  1. How many combination of photos do you do?

We will cover all the possible combinations within the one sitting.  We will do a family group, then individuals of the child/ren.  Grandparents are welcome to attend as well and multiple generational photos are always wonderful to create.


  1. Do you do skin on skin photos?

Some of the most magical photos are when you hold your newborn baby against your body skin on skin.  The connection you make with your baby when there is nothing to separate you is beautiful and worth capturing.  We would suggest you consider having these photos if you are comfortable doing so.


  1. My child is very shy – what can we do to ensure we get good photos?

Every child’s personality is unique and it is our job as a photography to capture that.  If your child is shy we make sure we take the time to talk to them and make them feel comfortable before starting to shoot.  We suggest you give the time for your child and the photographer to get to know each other.  Trying to force them to smile sometimes makes things worse.  We have lots of tricks up our sleeve to make them feel comfortable.  The worse thing you can do is threaten them with taking something away if they don’t cooperate – positive reinforcement is best.  Rewards are good – so bring along some small treats (that aren’t sticky messy lollies) or a new toy they can have as a special reward when the shoot is over.


  1. My child never sits still.  How will you be able to take photos of him/her?

Active children can create great photos!!  It is our role as a photographer to capture that enthusiasm and energy (if only as adults we could harness some of that energy).  We are happy for children to be active in the studio.  We have lots of things they can do within the studio setting that enables them to move around but still capture wonderful images.  Telling them to ‘sit still’ will probably have the opposite effect so we would suggest you let the photographer use their arsenal of ‘tricks’ to keep them still long enough to capture the images which will reflect their personality.  Children having fun is what it is all about.


  1. What is an intimates/boudoir shoot?

An intimates shoot either as an individual or as a couple enables you to express yourself as a confident sensuous woman.  A full hair and makeup experience starts the day where our professional artist brings out your feminine hi-lights.  We then start your journey of self discovery with a photo shoot that will leave you feeling like a million dollars.  This is perfect as a reward for yourself or as a very special gift for your partner.