Photos for Grandma!

Alana, Ebony, Blake, Cameron and Sienna all came in together to have a photo so that Grandma could have all her grandchildren in one wonderful portrait.  The result was this gorgeous bright and happy group photo which is now a framed 20 x 30 inch to be proudly displayed by Grandma.  We often have calls for large family group photography where on the rare occasion in this international world that everyone is together the opportunity it taken to come into our studio for a keepsake group photograph.  It is usually pandaemonium in the studio when this happens with cousins excited to see each other and adults playing catch up – we LOVE it.  It makes for a fun session.  We never limit these to just the big group though and break it down into the smaller family groupings as well.  There are so many gorgeous photos from this family portrait its hard to know what to showcase.  Needless to say Grandma is very happy.  There is a suggestion next time we will go on location to allow the children even more room to run off some energy – we will happily be there to capture it!