New Additions To Studio (Perth Photography)

The philosophy of Bliss Studio is simple – to create beautiful, natural family portraits.  We want our photographs to really reflect who you are as a family so a lot of our photographs, especially with children and babies is your interaction with them, or them having fun.  However, it is sometimes makes for great children photographs or baby photos when you add in a few simple props.  It might be a chair or a firemans hat or a favourite cuddly toy.  To this end I have recently gone on a shopping mission and come across some fabulous new items that are going to be gorgeous when we start using them in our family portraits.  I have a range of wonderful hand knitted hats for newborn photographs, some cute pink and white chairs for the toddlers and some gorgeous oversized cane ‘bowls’ for the babies who are old enough to sit up but not move.  I can’t wait to see what they look like in the end result and look forward to the next round of families coming into the studio to experiment with them.  As a family photographer one of the challenges is to stay fresh and come up with unique ideas suited to each individual family.  The addition of a new chair or hat can open up a whole world of possibilities and keeps us always looking forward to the next portrait session.