Lynette Maclennan (Perth Family Portraits)

We welcome back Amelie and her new baby brother Ewan for an updated family portrait and a whole new round of baby photos.  I think 80% of our previous 15 clients have been people coming back to us for a second or third shoot….that’s what we like to see!!  Little Amelie sure has grown since we last saw her  as a baby.  She is now a gorgeous, smiling energetic 2 year old very proud of her baby brother.  The whole family got into the act and we had a great time in the portrait studio capturing the various combinations.  We all just love the little romper suit Ewan wore covered in guitars…very cute!  Amelie had a hard time trying to hold a very wiggly worm Ewan still so they could have a photograph together but she kept smiling and we managed to capture a great family portrait.  It is funny how siblings can react to a new brother or sister.  It is always wonderful to see when families come in for newborn photography or a updated family portrait that so often the older sibling wants to help and becomes very protective of their baby brother or sister.  Of course we also get our share who don’t want anything to do with the baby and we struggle to get them sitting in the same frame, let alone hugging each other!!  For the most though little children just love having a real life doll to pretend with and so we get some fabulous photographs as a result.  We look forward to watching the Maclennan children continue to grow



  1. Cute…Nice looking family…

  2. Ross & Wendy says:

    Excellent photos which we enjoyed looking at – many thanks for sharing them!