A fellow Canuck (Perth Family Photography)

Little Alice came in with Mum and Dad recently for a family portrait.  We discovered that Dad was a Canadian like Craig so they discussed a variety of places they had both frequented.  You realise how small a world it is when you find someone went to the same restaurant or sports club as you on the other side of the world!!  Back to 5 week old Alice.  What an absolute cutie.  Baby photos couldn’t get any sweeter when you have such a fabulous subject to work with.  Alice was happy to pose wrapped up in a blanket and swinging between Mum and Dad’s arms.  Family portraits always take on an extra special meaning when you know they are going to be sent to other countries to connect families together.  Even in this age of the internet there is nothing quite like opening a package from a loved one containing a beautiful series of family portraits.  Grandma’s can’t get enough of these photographs and we often hear from them thanking us for creating images of their loved ones they can treasure.