Jarred Costantino (Business Portraits Photography Perth)

Jarred is a finance mortgage broker at http://www.betterchoice.net.au/ and understands that a professional image must also mean a professional business portrait.  Bliss Studio can offer businesses a quick, professional service for business portraits whether it is for an individual or a group.  At Bliss Studio we are centrally located in Balcatta within easy access to the freeway enabling professional clients with busy work schedules the opportunity to come in, be photographed and walk out the door with a CD of their file in their hands all within 20 minutes.  What is even better is this professional photographic service which has been proven to increase sales and calls only costs $165.  A small investment when you consider the results of increased calls and confidence from your clients no matter what industry you are in.  I am sure we have all been given a cheap business card with a poor quality photograph on it and as first impressions go we immediately think that this person either doesn’t care too much about their business or they are simply not professional enough yet to have quality stationery.  If you want to ensure your business gives the right first impression make a booking with Bliss Studio for a Business Portrait.

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