Little Tate

Little Tate came in for a series of baby photos at our Balcatta studio recently with the aim to match a series taken of his older brother, Bohen.  Tate had the most gorgeous, spiky hair.  It is so funny how some babies have huge amounts of (usually uncontrollable) hair and others seem to be bald for the first twelve months of their life.  I love the interaction between Tate and his Mum in the black and white image below.  You can feel the connection of these two from the photograph and its moments like these that make being a family photographer all worth while.  Different expressions in babies can make for some fabulous photographs as well.  The third image in the composite just makes me smile every time I see it.  Sometimes having a baby NOT smile in a photograph can create as fantastic image as those where they are smiling.  I hope next time we see Tate in the studio he brings his big brother and his Dad for a family portrait.

[youtube ifuFFPIgE-Q]

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