Inspirational Britten’s

‘The Britten family came to us recently for a family portrait.  Two year old Ben was a ball of energy and enthusiastically showed off his martial arts kicks – with proud Dad, Phil as an instructor he will be a boy who can defend himself.  Phil owns the WA Institute of Martial Arts and will ensure his two boys have the best training ever!!  Four month old Riley was quite happy to hang around – either on the end of Dad’s arm or in our wonderful basket.

While all families who come to Bliss are special the Britten’s have been receiving a little more attention than most recently.  Phil is a survivor of the Bali Bombings and together with his beautiful wife, Rebecca, have written a book called Undefeated.  This book will be launched on 26th September and include guest speaker Dr Fiona Wood.  Tickets can be booked for this event at of for more information Phil is a very positive, inspirational speaker and he reminded us all at Bliss just how important family is.

It was an absolute pleasure having the Britten’s int he studio and we hope to see them again as the boys get older



  1. Wow guys – fantastic images and we are so happy with how it all turned out. We’ll be back for sure!!!