Helga & Cosimo’s Wedding Photos

Helga And Cosimo’s wedding at St. Patrick’s continued a long tradition in Cosimo’s family going back I believe to Cosimo’s grandparents being married there, his family are long time residents of the Fremantle area.  Helga on the on the other hand, hails from the Faroe Islands and can claim Viking heritage which I think is pretty cool!

While they both live in London at the moment, Cosimo’s mum did an amazing job organizing the wedding from here, and to top it off, made a freaking awesome wedding cake (see last photo)  Cosimo and Helga were really lucky to win a contest that they did not even realize that they had entered.  Cosimo’s mum came to the Esplanade Hotel’s wedding expo in 2008 and entered them.  They of course won and part of their prize was big discount on their wedding photography from us!  We love giving away things and it is great when the winner’s are so appreciative of it!

It was great to meet you both at last guys, and I think that you will love the wedding photos that we did for you.  It was a great day, despite the 37° weather (the following Saturday BTW was like, 19° and windy and rainy!!!)

Enjoy these few previews while we get your proof album ready!

Craig & Michelle