Giggly Edith and Benjamin

The Vogan’s came into us for Edith and Bens kids photos. They were beaming their lovable personalities from the word go. First up they had some photos together. Where Ben showed us he is a loving big brother as he hugged and looked after Edith, through all their different poses. Then after a wardrobe change it was time for them to have some individual kids portraits. Ben was up first and was a brilliant little model. He sat patiently and did as he was told, then was rewarded with some fun as he jumped like mad on a trampoline. Next up was Edith, who giggled and played cheekily on her princess chair and had some adorable little kid photos with her hair sticking out and and intoxicating grin. These two little monkeys were a lot of fun to work with and there are manny more cute photos for you to see when you come in to us.