Five Strong Women (Perth Location Portraits)

We photographed the Hatch family back in November. The occassion being a present for the Matriarch of the family – also known as Grandma. Now, I would never tell the world a Ladies age – but it doesn’t really matter – you wouldn’t believe me if I did. Let’s just say that some people got the good Genes. Along with those good Genes was a wicked sense of humour with Grandma always ready with a quip.

My own Daughter accompanied us on the shoot that day and we discovered that she and shared the same birthday, and Jessie immediately became a honorary granddaughter!

It was great to get outdoors and for a location portrait shoot, something that I wish I could do more of. Thanks to you all for a really fun day!

BP1249-013-8_0x12_0-02A_Family-Portraits-Perth-.jpg BP1249-028-8_0x12_0-03A_Family-Portraits-Perth-.jpg BP1249-037-8_0x12_0-07A_Family-Portraits-Perth-.jpg BP1249-042-8_0x12_0-08A_Family-Portraits-Perth-.jpgBP1249-055-8_0x12_0-09A_Family-Portraits-Perth-.jpg