Fiona Day (Perth Children and Family Photos)

Sophia’s cheeky grin in this composite of wonderful photographs shows how much fun she had during her children photography session.  The bundle of energy that many children are was certainly true with Sophia.  Being a photographer of children is not about sitting a child in a spot and telling them to smile.  Our job is to capture children as they are….at least that is what we want to do here at Bliss Studio.  Our child friendly studio is designed with play in mind.  We have a playroom for children as soon as they enter which is filled will toys, games and books.  Then in our studio we have a shelf filled with something exciting for children of all ages…including fairy wings.  Letting a child’s imagination run wild during the photography session is always a guarantee that we will end up with some wonderful images.  We LOVE capturing children doing what they do best…have fun.  So thank you Sophia for being such a fantastic little person to photography…you can be our poster child for kids photography anyday. family photos perth