FAQS About Viewing and Ordering

When is my order due?
When you access your gallery it will show you the Due Date for your order

What is an Access Code?
An Access Code allows you to see only your schools’ gallery.  You should have received an information card on the night of the ball with these details on.  If you have lost this card the school will be distributing the information either via email, newsletters, SMS or online.

What if I don’t go to the school – how can I get the Access Code?
If you did not attend the ball or are a parent that wants to access the photographs the information has to come from the school.  We cannot give out this information either over the phone or via email.  This is to protect the privacy of all students involved.

How much do photographs cost?
Photographs start at $10 for a 10x 15cm print.  Various others sizes are available.

Do I need to pay postage?
If you are ordering from a school ball we will send the order back to the school at no charge providing you have placed your order before the due date.  If you place your order after the due date you will be required to pay $7 postage.  All graduation orders are required to pay postage as we do not return any orders to the school

Can you crop photographs?
Yes we are happy to crop images.  There is a minimum $15 Cropping Fee and it will depend on how difficult the crop if as to the final price.  We suggest you call or email the studio with the image number and how you would like it cropped so we can give you an accurate quote.

I can’t find my son/daughter’s individual photograph – why is this?
We are very keen to get individual photographs of all students who attend the school and endeavour to ask everyone if they have had an individual photograph.  However we cannot force anyone to have one so they may simply have refused on the night.  They may also have missed coming at the start of the night when we do the majority of individual photographs.  If they only arrive on our backdrop at the very end it would have been assumed they have already had it.  Students are always welcome to ask for their photograph to be taken.

Can you ‘touch up’ an image?
Yes – we have two levels of retouching available and it very much depends on how complex the ‘touch up’ work is.  Our Basic Retouch can include complexions smoothing, fixing frizzy hair, touching up shiny makeup and fixing minor clothing malfunctions.  Our ‘Glam It Up’ service is the complete works and on top of all that Basic Retouch offers we can also remove braces, open eyes, do head swaps and make you look like a movie star!!  Some of these will require accessing first as its not always possible to do.  We will contact you if you have selected this option and we don’t think your request is achievable.

Is it safe to use my credit card?
Yes – we use a secure online gateway called eWay which has the highest security rating possible.

I don’t have a credit card – how else can I pay?
If you would prefer to pay by cheque you can print off your order and post it to us:  Bliss Studio PO Box 298 Karrinyup WA 6921
If you have cash some schools will allow you to hand it in to the office with your order.  Please check with the coordinator.  Otherwise purchase a money order from Australia Post.

Do you do direct Deposit or PayPal?
No – at this stage we do not have these facilities available

Can I get a disc of all the images?
No – we do not make the whole event available on disc.  This is to protect the privacy of other students at the event.  You will see lots of images appear in your Yearbook though.

Can I get a file of my partner and I from my ball?
Yes – you can purchase digital files of either individuals or with two people.  The cost displayed is PER FILE and does not include all images you appear in.  We do not make group photographs available for purchase.

Can I get a file of my family at my graduation?
Yes- you can purchase files from your graduation of either your individual photograph, stage crossing photograph or family photograph.  We do not make Whole Year or group photographs with multiple graduates available for purchase.

What size is the digital file I have bought and how do I get it?
Your file is available for immediate download after you have checked out (unless you have also opted for a retouch on the image).  The file will be in a zipped format and suitable for print quality of 20x30cm @250dpi.  The file dimensions are 3000×2000 pixels.  Please note – these files are quite capable of being printed a lot larger (up to 75 x100cm) without loss of quality.

After you have clicked the “Complete Order” in the check out process, you will see a page similar to this.  Click the little the icon highlighted below to download your file
Image showing how to download purchased photos

Can I order photographs from last year or from many years ago?

Yes you can still order photographs from previous years.  Orders from  January 2010 to May 2015 are available on our old cart which you can get to by clicking here and selecting School >> Login to View 2010-May 2015 School Balls.     You will still need the Access Code.  If you have any information from us (i.e. order form, letter, email etc) at the time the same code is relevant.  If you don’t have this we will require either direct permission from the school or information showing you attended the event i.e. Scan a ticket in your name or your graduation certificate.  Events prior to 2010 will require you to make an appointment to come into the studio to view.  There is a $35 fee to retrieve archived events.  Please contact us on 9203 5831 to make an appointment time.

There is a watermark on the photo – is this how they will be printed?
No – the watermark on the photograph is just for online viewing.  Any prints you order or digital files will not contain this watermark.

I don’t remember my password from last year.  What can I do?
You can reset your password by selecting the ‘reset password’ button.

It is more than 3 months since my ball/graduation – are prices still the same?
The cost of images and files are still the same however 3 months after the event an extra $10 Late Fee will be charged to your card.

I won a Gift Voucher/s on the night – how do I redeem it?
Firstly, congratulations on winning a voucher.  To redeem it simply enter the code on the voucher when you checkout into the ‘Redeem Voucher’ box.  This will then deduct the appropriate amount from your order.

We would like to book you for our ball/graduation – how do I do this?
Easy – call us on 9203 5831 or email us with the school and date of your event.  We would love to be apart of it.

I need these photographs fast – can I get them in a rush?
Yes – we have a Rush Order for $35 that you can select and we guarantee your images will be with you within 10 days of placing and paying for your order.  We send them by registered post so they can be easily tracked.  If you need them by a set date please call the studio on 9203 5831 first to ensure we can accommodate you.

Can you send photographs overseas?
Yes we are happy to post orders overseas.  There is an overseas postage rate included at checkout.  This is normally $20 unless it is a particularly large order that requires special packing and shipping in which case we will contact you with a quote.

I placed my order ages ago but haven’t received it yet – where is it?
Please keep in mind orders take approx. 4 weeks AFTER the due date to be returned to the school or posted.  If it has been longer than this you might like to ask your Year Coordinator if they have the photographs.  What often happens is you miss the notice telling you to collect it and it is sitting at school waiting for you.  If they do not have it and your name is not on the Packing List we send the school please call Bliss Studio on 9203 5831 so we can do a search for you.  Please quote the Order Number in any email or phone conversations for easy tracking.

I didn’t pay for my order when I first placed it – can I go back now and pay for it?
Yes – just log back into your account and complete the payment process.  Please remember to add postage of you did not originally and it is now past the Due Date.

My photographs were awesome and I want to say thanks – how can I do this?
We always love to hear feedback from happy clients.  Please do drop us an email here or give us a call.  You will make our day!!

I received the wrong photographs – what should I do?
Firstly – do not give away any incorrect photographs.  Your order will contain a copy of your order form.  Check the numbers of the photographs you ordered with the numbers of the photographs your received.  That will usually tell us where it has gone wrong.  On rare occasions we become a little dyslexic and accidentally reverse numbers e.g.. Instead of photo # 123 you may receive photo #132.  Simply call the studio and we will send a replacement.  However sometimes you may simply have made a mistake when placing your order – you are always welcome to reorder photographs.

I ordered X number of  photographs but have only received Y – my large print is missing / Or most of the order is missing  Where is it / Are they?
If you have ordered a 28 x 35cm photograph and your order is to be posted this will come in a postal tube for safe keeping separate to the rest of your images.  Due to different delivery methods by Australia Post this can arrive on a different date.  Wait 2-3 days before calling us and we can follow up on the order.

Sometimes it can also happen that one photo is missing when your order is returned to the school. Rather than delaying the entire order we return what is ready and post the missing photo to you directly.  It can happen, usually around holiday times that the missing image reaches you at home before you collect the ones that have been sent to the school.  So, if you find yourself in this situation and you are in school holidays or on exam study break, then please contact your Year 12 Coordinator first, as your images are 99% likely to be at the school.

The photographs are very small – how can I see them larger?
If you click on a thumbnail on the left hand side it will appear in a larger format to the right of the screen.  If you want to see this larger click on the magnifying glass.

I want to compare my images as I am not sure what to order – how is it best to do this?
You can add any images you like to your ‘favourites’ using the little love heart.  Once you have placed all your images into this folder to view them simply click on the ‘Favourites’ tab at the top.

There is a white strip down the side of my photos? Why?

This year we have changed the location of the image file number to make it more obvious to clients what the print number is, this is miuch better than being on the back and printed faintly and difficult to read.   We have also included the school name and date of the ball here, so that in years to come this information will not be lost future generations.  Don’t worry though, this extra bit is in addition to the print size that you ordered, so if you ordered a 10×15 cm print then you the image area is that size and this strip in addition to that.  We have also made sure that it is small enough that it will not impede the image being put into a matted frame.  If you prefer not to have it there, it can easily be trimmed off.