Ex-Canuck’s Visit (family portrait perth)

Tim came in using the unmistakable accent of a Canadian just before Christmas for a family portrait.  Being a former Edmontonian I had to mock Tim and call the Calgary Flames a bunch of little girls.  All in good humour of course – mind you us Canadians take our ice hockey pretty seriously.  I discovered I had a lot in common with Tim who had made the move to Australia to follow his heart…this sounded very familiar!

His partner Jacqui and children Sebastian and Celeste were a delight to photograph.  Sebastian well and truly knew how to work the camera with his cheeky grin and gorgeous blond hair.  20 month old Celeste was happy to be part of the action as well and did a great job sitting on the pink chair.  I believe some of these photos were making their way back to Canada for Christmas.  I hope they have all been enjoyed by everyone.  I look forward to having the Rapaic family back in for more family photographs and I can brush up on my accent in the meantime which has greatly diminished after 17 years as an Aussie!