Emilia’s Baby Portraits (Perth Photography)

Gorgeous 3 month old Emilia came in just before Christmas for a series of baby photos.  What a happy little cutie she was.  Emilia just loved her hands and feet which were constantly finding there way into her mouth.  It is so amazing watching a baby be amused by the simplest of things.  When we laid Emilia down on our fluffy sheepskin the smiles didn’t stop coming.  It was so easy taking a whole series of wonderful baby portraits when you have such a cooperative baby.  Mum and Dad were thrilled with the results and now have  2 gorgeous framed composites proudly on display in their home.  We thought Emilia was such a cutie we decided to include her in our gallery showcase on our Home Page!  We hope to see Emilia again and have a return of that winning smile.



  1. Eva Jasinska says:

    Thank you Craig for the wonderful pictures you took of Emilia. We know she is gorgeous and now we have proof!

  2. You are very welcome Eva! And thank you Emilia for being a wonderful baby to photography! Feel free to share this page to your Facebook too, you can click the like button up there at the top! 🙂


  3. BTW Eva, have you watched the slide show at the top of our page… 🙂

  4. Eva Jasinska says:

    I can’t see a slide show…..just the framed pictures.

  5. Oh, click on the home button in the menu bar near the top under the B in bliss 🙂

  6. Eva Jasinska says:

    Lovely! Thank you 🙂