Conventry Family

Lani looked ever so cute with her bow clip in.  I just love little babies who come in for baby portraits with all their gorgeous curves and rolls.   Of course Lani didn’t come on her own and her older sister, Zayla, was on hand to help Mum and Dad.  As a result the family portrait was smiles all round.  Zayla’s stunning eyes and beautiful hair is going to cause Dad real concern later on as what boy could resist those looks!!  The Coventry family came in for their portrait using a voucher that all babies born at Glengarry receive, along with a beautiful frame with our compliments.  We look forward to seing more of the Coventry family.



  1. Leigh (aka Dad) says:

    Awesome photo’s ! Thanks for all your work Craig really appreciate it, photo’s look great on the wall ! , although Zaya would never forgive me if i didn’t correct her name (no L in Zaya !)
    Thanks once again , The Coventry Family