…To L. Hart of Mindarie. She is the Winner of our Every Woman Expo Prize. She has won a sitting and a Beautiful 100 x 75 cm Canvas Print. Total Value of $995.

You know, I must say that Photographic Competition prizes have kinda earned a bad name in recent years. All to often what you “win” is the opportunity to spend money. Yep, we hate that too. So our guarantee is that if you win a prize from Bliss Studio…. you actually win a prize. No strings attached. No token prizes that mean you end up spending money you may not have planned on. Of course you are welcome to purchase beyond the prize value, but that is up to you, and with our pricing, that won’t be a painful experience.

We think that’s the fair way to do things.

Thanks to all of the wonderful people that took the time to stop by and fill in an entry form and have a chat. We appreciate your interest in our business and will be in touch with you shortly with a special offer only available to contest entrants.