Chris and Mary-Anne (Perth Pregnancy Photography)

We welcome back the Gwynne family for an updated family photograph.  Bliss Studio have had a long association with the Gwynne family starting back in 2000 with their wedding.  Since then we have watched their family grow and it was wonderful to have a now 2 and a half year old, Leanne back into the studio along with her new sister, Georgia.  The girls were a ball of energy which always makes it easy to photograph.  They were quick with smiles and even more beautiful quick with cuddles for Mum and Dad.    During the photo session we discovered Leanne’s amazing singing ability as she sang the entire Do Ray Me .  We captured it all on Craig’s iphone and often watch it to have a giggle.  There is definitely a future for Leanne in the performance arts and we will have the whole series of photographs to show her progression.  Little Georgia wasn’t to be outdone though and had the most beautiful smile while being photographer.  Boy…kids photography IS easy when you have such a perfect family.  Thanks for coming in again Chris and Mary-Anne and we look forward to being your family photographer for many years to come.