Joanne (perth boudoir photography)

Joanne received an Intimates portrait session from her partner as a present for chirstmas 2012, if I am not mistaken. We ended up doing the shoot late last year and it was well worth the wait! Joanne and I met prior to the day at our studio to discuss what was important to her, and so that we could get know know each a bit before the shoot day. I told Joanne to “Bring everything” in the closet. She did. Then I am pretty sure she went out and bought more. ūüôā It is great to have lots of options!

We had great fun on the day including plotting ways to keep her partner from knowing that she had had the shoot done for as long as possible, and when he did find out, making him wait until the final product was delivered before he got to see anything. I did question this plan after learning he is a martial arts expert and could likely tie me in knots. 8/

Although, I asked several times and Joanne denied it, I feel that there must be at least a tiny bit of modelling experince somewhere in the past even if it is just pulling “Blue Steels” by yourself in the bathroom mirror – You were very natural and took direction like a pro!

I hope that you enjoy the photos for years to come!



Exceptional Essie (Perth Glamour Photos)

Normally I do not post so many photos, but with Essie, I just had to. Essie was an amazing lady who has been on a personal journey over the past 18 months to improve her health and well being.

Her Daugther purchased this glamour photo session as reward so to speak, to show her Mum just how well she had done and that she was so proud of her. Essie you were an inspiration to work with, and as an admitted “Photo-Phobe” in the past , it was personally very rewarding for me to hear you say, that you loved these images of yourself. People often say that the like the work that I create and I apprecaite every word. When I hear someone, say that they like themselves more, that the images have changed their perception of themselves – that is when I know that I have truly accomplished my goal.

I can’t wait to present the album to you!


BP1252-018 copy-8_0x12_0-43A_Family-Portraits-Perth-.jpg

Tammy’s Glamour Photo’s

Tammy you go girl! ¬†Tammy looked spectacular in her glamour photo shoot. ¬†No doubt about it this girl sizzled on camera. ¬†Her husband is going to be VERY glad he bought this gift voucher for her. ¬†Tammy’s eyes were very expressive and able to stare the camera down. ¬†When we asked her to ‘pout’ it usually ended in fits of laughter from Tammy allowing us to capture her beautiful smile as well. ¬†Tammy was very relaxed in front of the camera and it really shows. ¬†As a busy Mum and current student Tammy doesn’t have a lot of ‘me’ time so this was a great chance to spoil herself and come away knowing she looks a million dollars. ¬†We can’t wait to show you the rest of the images Tammy.

Smiling Sonia’s Glamour Photos

Sonia was the lucky winner of our Intimates “Allure” Glamour Photo ¬†session give away at the Perth Woman show this past June. ¬†She won a Glamour photography session in studio at our Perth Photo studio. ¬†It was great fun photographing Sonia, she just had a ball and was constantly laughing and having fun. ¬†I am really happy ¬†with the images that we created and was delighted that Sonia loved them too.

Here are a selection of Sonia’s photos, (all shown with her permission of course)

If you are thinking of having a session like this, just for your self or for your partner, you can read more about what we offer here

Sonia's glamour photography perth


Amanda & Fran’s Couple Photography

Amanda was a lucky winner of a contest that we held back in February, the prize was an Intimates Photography shoot at our studio in Perth. But to tell you the truth, I feel like the lucky one, it is not that often that you a couple who are so open to suggestion and really get into the shoot, allowing me creative freedom. Amanda and Fran are engaged to be married next June back in Amanda’s home state of Pennsylvania and these photos were their first together professionally as a couple. This is only a small sample guys, I can not wait to show you the rest at your viewing session. I am so happy with the results and can’t wait to see the looks on your faces. Amanda, I know that you are still visiting the folks back home, so feel free to add a comment down at the bottom if you like.

Megan’s Glamour Photography Session

Megan wanted some glamour photographs of herself to remember how she is now. ¬†Without a doubt Megan worked well in front of the camera. ¬†She knew just how to pose, just how to pout and just how to challenge the camera in everyway. ¬†Her final photographs are a true representation of the stunning woman she is. ¬†The word ‘glamour’ does not say enough to describe the exquisite final results. ¬†The portrait she intends to hang on her wall will be something family and friends can admire for years to come. ¬†Hopefully we may even get to do another shoot with Megan and her partner sometime down the track. ¬†All we can say is thank you for being such an easy person to photograph Megan.



Marci’s Glamour Photography Session

Marci, who hails from the great state of Texas smouldered in front of the camera during her intimate glamour shoot.  Marci received a Gift Voucher from her husband for the shoot who works away on oil rigs.  They were both at the shoot and Darren even jumped in on a few shoots looking very cool in front of the camera as well.  Marci bought along some beautiful lingerie to wear including some special jewlery given to her by Darren which we featured in a number of photographs.  By the end of the shoot she was even brave enough to go out on the hotel balcony to continue the shoot much to the delight of the construction workers across from the hotel!  It was a pleasure having the opportunity to provide glamourous photographs for such a glamourous woman.