First Aid Course

Craig & I have been thinking sometime of doing a first aid course and with our impending trip up north we thought it would be a great time to finally do it.  So for the last two days we have been at St Johns in Osborne Park cramming as much knowledge as we can.  So with a head full of CPR techniques, bandages and using splints we feel like we would know what to do in an emergency.  We hope we never have to use that knowledge but having a busy studio with lots of babies coming in and people from all walks of live we want to ensure if anything does happen we can act quickly and maybe help save someones life.  We would recommend a first aid course to anyone…because you just never know.  Michelle

Bliss Studio Photography Perth

The philosophy of Bliss Studio Photography Perth is simple – to create beautiful, natural images.

Our relaxed, child friendly studio offers you the chance for all members of your family to feel comfortable and be themselves when having their photograph taken. Our photographers are there to capture the true essence of each member’s personality. Whether that be a shy smile, an enthusiastic superhero or a loving look.

Having created the memories that you will treasure for a lifetime Bliss Studio offers you these images at an affordable price…

  • No hidden costs
  • No pressure tactics
  • No threat to destroy the files.

We WILL give you as much time as necessary to create these images and you WILL be ecstatic with the service and quality of photographs you receive.

Quite simply it will be…..Bliss

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