Kobi’s Big Day Out (Family Portrait Perth)

Little Kobi was in recently for a family portrait with Mum and Dad.  Red seemed to be the colour for Kobi as he liked his red racing car and he loved our red couch.  His cheeky little grin was an absolute delight for photographing.  With his crisp white shirt he looked wonderful while having some playful photos with Dad.  Mum jumped in on some photos as well for a Glew family portrait.

Choice of clothes is always something to think about when coming in for a family portrait.  Solid colours are usually best as then you don’t end up with stripes, polka dots, spirals and flower prints all creating a cacophany of colour that would make your eyes water.  You can’t go wrong with classic white or black.  Of course children can usually get away with splashes of colours and patterns but we do suggest Mum and Dad stick to simpler choices.

family Photos perth

Childrens Photos perth

family Photos perth