Hinder Family Portrait (Perth Family Photography)

We had a fantastic time shooting the Hinder family portrait recently.  While little Koby had his moments when he wasn’t so happy even these made for great photographs!!  Children’s photography isn’t always about big happy smiles.  Sometimes its the cute little chin wobble they get when they are about to cry or that shy ‘peek from behind the safety of Dad’s leg’ that make for the best photos to really reflect who they are.  Big brother Jake was of course easy to deal with and a natural poser in front of the camera.  When we have families into our Balcatta studio its always a great chance to have a whole family photograph as well.  So often for people’s own ‘happy snaps’ there is always one member of the family missing as they are behind the camera.  We hear stories all the time of families going on holidays and because Mum or Dad was in charge of the camera they look like they were never on holidays!!  This is where coming to a professional portrait photographer can make all the difference as we take away from you all the pressure to get ‘the’ shot and instead get a whole series of family shots to select from.  The large composite photograph below is a fantastic way to get a whole series of fun images together.  We know the Hinder family will treasure these images for a long time to come.

[youtube M0xdhV7VKjI]