Birthday Photos For All Ages

On the weekend I had a great time at a friends 50th birthday party with a 60’s theme (peace man).  It got me thinking how important it is to remember these milestones in some other way than simply having a party.  We are so lucky in Perth to have a fantastic lifestyle where there are so many opportunities open to us.  I suggested to my friend that she should come in for a studio portrait showing what she looks like now.  The idea was initially met with some resistance but the more it was discussed the realisation of how important it would be to leave behind a snapshot of who she is right now.  A studio session doesn’t have to involve glamour or make-overs.  It doesn’t even have to involve the studio!!  Perth offers such a great range of locations for a photography session including beaches, wooded areas and parks.  Bliss Studio can take photographs in places that mean something special to you.  Maybe its running through waves at the beach, or throwing a ball for your pet.  Remember treasured memories aren’t just about young children and babies.  Professional photography is great no matter what your age.  People photography is what we do at Bliss Studio and people come in all shapes, ages and combinations.