Are You Sick of “Winning”

What an eye opener.  We attended the Everywoman Expo this past weekend.  (June 26-28) We had a great  three days chatting to people that came by our two booths, and though my feet are happy that it is over,  it was great to be able to show our photography to the people of Perth and hear what they had to say about it .  Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments on our images. It feels great when you pour so much in to creating an image and then hear a complete stranger come up and comment on how beautiful they think it is.

But sadly, there was one thing that we heard time and again in various incarnations.  We would hear this usually when people entered our competitions and it went something like this “…yes but what is it going to cost me” or “sure everybody wins, a free session and then you have to mortgage the house to buy one small print” One lady stopped her daugther from entering at all, and I heard in hushed tones as she walked away, “you don’t win anything, it’s just a scam”

People don’t trust Perth photography company competitions.  This has become a sad reality in our industry, thanks to the business practices of some of our well known competitors.  This is really unfortunate, because we are not all like this.

Those who entered either of Bliss Studio’s competitions are actually in the draw to win a prize.  An honest to goodness real prize that won’t cost them a cent. Really.   That is how we have always operated and that is how we will always operate.  It is great fun when you call up the winner to let them know.

In additon to creating goodwill by giving away a valuable prize, another  important part of having a competition from a business perspective is gaining leads to new prospective customers, and certainly we will be contacting those people that chose to receive further communications from us when they entered.  But NO, not every single entrant is going to “win” or be “chosen” to receive a consolation prize of a “free” sitting.   As we all know, you don’t win anything other than the chance to spend money.  What we will do though is call these people and offer them the chance for an extra savings as a thank you for taking the time to enter our competition.

You see, we reckon that if you bothered to stop by and fill in a entry form, then you might actually be interested in a having a family portrait or intimate shoot and if you are, then a genuine offer of savings might also interest you.  If this is the case, then such an offering will help you to choose our business over a competitor, and that is where we benefit.  Then because you have had an enjoyable experience with us you will tell your friends and we get further business.

For photography companies in Perth, it all boils down to this:  Treat people fairly, offer genuine incentives and everybody wins.

And after all this rambling, I have not even touched on print prices.    I might save that for another post.

I would love to hear what you have to say about  your experiences with other photo competitions, but please do not name any companies by name.  Feel free to leave a comment below.