Aidan and his Buzzy Bee (Family Photographer Perth)

6 month old Aidan was bright eyed and as happy as can be during his portrait session with Mum and Dad.  It’s was Aidan and his family’s first time with us but we have done a number of other members of his extended family and it was great to see his grandmother again who came to help out.  As you can see from the portraits below Aidan is one of those gorgeous smiley babies with rolls in all the right places!  With a Kiwi connection as well ‘buzzy bee’ made an appearance which ended up starring with Aidan in the framed print they purchased.  Our daughter happened to see the print on our gallery wall and thought we had shared one of her own childhood favourite toys.  We had to tell her that her ‘buzzy bee’ was just one of many in existence!

We look forward to sharing more tales of Aidan in the future.



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