A Little man of few words

Alfie chooses his words, or any sounds really with exceptional care, I think he was the quietest child I have ever met! Like royalty though he would merely point at his desire and have it brought to him immediately!  Oh for that kind of power.  I tried this with my partner when I got home.  Didn’t work out too well.

Usually, what Alfie wanted was his little tractor and motorcycle.  Which would then be promptly thrown away, only to be beckoned for the return of seconds later.  Great game Alfie!  Just remember though, you will have a child one day too! Let’s see how fun it is then!  🙂

In between all the pointing and retrieving and pointing again and more retrieving, we did capture some beautiful family portraits for Alfie and his Mum and Dad, and some excellent children’s portraits of this thoughtful little man.

Enjoy the ones below and please feel free to leave your comments as well!


family portraits perth

childrens photos perthchildrens photos perth

childrens photos perth